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My preparation for an Ultramarathon

In October, I decided that I wanted to complete an Ultramarathon on the 30th December 2021 for the Shelter charity. I am delighted that I completed this and raised £515.00 for Shelter. I would like to share my journey with you in the hope that it will inspire you to follow a similar journey to myself. January is an excellent time to start and make new year’s resolutions, but I believe that we should be challenging ourselves all the time and the best time to start is now.

At the start of October, it had been over 12 months since I had last trained for an event and as a keen runner that was a very long time. The first run that I completed was 3 miles and it took me 45 minutes to complete which was very slow compared to times I had previously run. What made it worse was when I went to bed I was actually heavier than when I got up. Everyone’s body is different, and I knew that the first run would be the hardest.

Every 3 days I went out for a run and added 2 miles to my run, slowly but surely, I got quicker and started to love running again. Loads of people often tell me that they find running boring, so I suppose its about finding something that you enjoy doing to keep fit. Step aerobics is very good for losing weight and fitness and this AT24 product could help with that. Adjustable height aerobic step from AT24 great for workouts! What I would say is running is a lot less boring when you are in good shape and motivated by the improvements you can see in your performance, for me there’s nothing more satisfying than this!

I benefited through some outstanding weather in November and my training started to intensify and in-between training sessions I would go for long walks. By the end of November, I was averaging 16,000 steps a day which was great considering in September I was averaging 4,500.


Eventually the bad weather came, and I was getting up at 7am and running for 5 hours. It would have been easy to give up at this point especially on some days where I looked through my window.


I still went out and trained though. I knew I was training to raise money for Shelter and training in rain and snow was nothing compared to what others have to deal with and I had some smart scales which were helping me to stay motivated through gains I was seeing. Bathroom Weighing Digital Scales - Smart (at24.co.uk)

I have run for many years and the one thing that I would say is be very careful when training in certain conditions. I would never train if it is icy and electric cars are almost silent so remember to look both ways and be really careful when out training.

Eventually the day came and for a couple of weeks before I had been eating healthily and the day before I ate a lot of good carbs in order to ensure that I was ready for the day. Diet before a race is very important. I drank water regularly and ran the most challenging course I had ever run which was 30 miles with a 170 flight of stairs elevation. It took me 6 hours and 41 minutes. I am very proud and want to beat that time next year. If you have goals for this year in terms of fitness these products can help you.

Fitness and Health (at24.co.uk)

Thank you to everyone that sponsored me and remember you can achieve anything you want to. If you believe you can or cannot you be right! So, which one do you believe?



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