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Customer loyalty scheme


AT24 offers a customer loyalty scheme to all of its customers but reserves the right to change its terms and conditions or remove anyone from the scheme at any stage. 

How to earn points 

For every £1 spent we will give our customers 10 points and for every 200 points we will offer you a £1 discount off any of our products with your next purchase. You can redeem points within the application located in the bottom right of all of our pages. 

Customers can also gain points for helping us market AT24 and those points will be given for the following reasons. 

  • 50 points to sign up to the loyalty scheme
  • 50 points to like our Facebook page
  • 50 points to share our Facebook page
  • 50 points to follow us on Instagram 
  • 100 points every year to celebrate your birthday

Returns and refunds

In the event that you decide to return your item to us we will deduct those points from your existing points and you will not be able to redeem these for any purchases in the future. 

Redeeming and using your points

You can redeem your points by clicking on the loyalty scheme application in the bottom right of all of our pages. You will be given a discount code which you can use at the point of your next purchase by entering the code at the checkout page

AT24 reserves the right to stop the loyalty scheme at any point and in this event any points rewarded will be lost.